These fees are always all-inclusive in our price that we give you. Depending on
the size and shape of your vessel, the usual fees can include:

Transportation Fee

Loading and Unloading - Marinas can charge between $100 to $600

Oversize Permits - We require permits if the beam is over 8ft 6in

Escorts - If the beam is over 12ft, it may require one escort for the trip,
and if it is over 14ft, it may require 2 escorts. Costs vary for escorts.
Different states have different regulations, so your vessel may or may not
require escorts depending on the route. Either way, you won’t have to
worry as we will calculate the cost and organize everything for you.

The answer is no. We will handle all communications on your behalf and keep all
parties updated for the duration of the shipment so you do not have to worry
about it.

Great question! The truth is that there is no one calculation for cost, as there are many factors that go into the cost of transport, and every shipment is different. The distance, of course, is very important, but also the size and weight of the boat and the price of gas are important factors. Sometimes our drivers will need to reroute, especially if there are low-hanging bridges, which adds extra miles and time to the shipment.

The maximum length that we can take is up to 55ft long, the maximum width that
we can take is 14ft 3in, and the maximum height is 13ft 6in. This height is the
road legal height as determined by the Department of Transportation. If your boat
is over that size, it may be possible to transport by land, but it will be considered
a super load and the associated cost will be high. Sometimes boats require
multiple escorts, and even police escorts in some cases.

Drivers can drive up to 11 hours per day maximum. Sometimes we have a team
of drivers and they can drive almost all day long.

Vessels that have a beam over 8ft 6in and/or a height of over 12ft will require
oversize/over-height permits. Our office takes care of filing those for you.

If the drivers are experiencing inclement weather, they will make the decision to
stop and wait until it is safe to get back on the road. We have a network of
marinas with covered parking that we use throughout the United States, so that
the drivers have a safe place to pull over and your boat is kept safe and out of
the weather’s way.

We require that all cushions and any loose items be safely stowed away, whether
in the cabin of the boat or in an available compartment. If there is nowhere to
safely stow the cushions, our driver can keep the cushions in their truck.

It is up to you! Please keep in mind that sometimes the shrink wrap can come
undone, especially on a longer journey. If this happens, our driver can cut the
loose pieces without a problem.

There is an initial deposit that is due upon booking to reserve a time in our
schedule. Once the boat is picked up, the remaining balance is due so that we
can have cleared funds upon delivery.

In the world of transportation, we have seen it all. Drivers routinely experience
traffic delays, roadwork delays, rerouting delays, weather delays, and more.
Delays are very common in this business, but we always make every effort to be
on time or early and to deliver the best service in the industry.

If your trailer has a flat tire during transport, don’t worry. Our drivers are
well-equipped to handle anything that happens on the road. The driver will simply
replace the tire or part, keep the receipt, and you will be responsible for the bill.
Please keep in mind that your trailer must be in roadworthy condition before
transport, and we highly recommend getting it serviced beforehand.