There are 2 busy seasons in the boat transportation industry: The fall season
when most of the boats go from North to South, and the spring season when
most of the boats go from South to North. Of course the cheapest way is always
to go the opposite way of the season, or to move during the off seasons. If you
plan to move your boat during this time, we always recommend booking in

This is completely dependent on the size and shape of your boat. We always
prefer for the boat to be lifted on and off the equipment, as there is much less
wear and tear on the trailer, but we can typically accommodate your request for
an additional fee. Please note that sailboat trailers, flatbeds, and lowboys cannot
go into the water under any circumstance.

Marinas will usually charge depending on the size of the boat. The fee in total
usually can range from $100 to $600.